What is the ACMSS?

And Why We're Doing It

What is the ACMSS:

The Aliso Canyon Medical Surveillance Study (ACMSS) is a community-driven, independent medical study utilizing various scientifically established tests to collect data and track the effects of living, working and playing (schoolyard) in proximity to the SoCalGas Aliso Canyon Gas Storage Facility.


Why are we doing it?

Currently, there is no other comprehensive health study to address exposure and long-term health effects. This has not been evaluated by Government agencies and/or private healthcare research institutions. The Aliso Canyon Medical Surveillance Study was created and implemented in an effort to timely and thoroughly collect this data with the support of community leaders.

How Can I Participate?

Safeguarding Your Health is Easy

How to Participate:

Go to one of the available PRIMEX lab stations to have your blood drawn. Upon arrival you should make the staff aware that you are, "here for a blood draw for the Aliso Canyon Medical Surveillance Study."

You need not bring any paperwork with you. Simply fill out the information sheet and pay $7 at the time of the test to cover lab fees.

You can go to PRIMEX in the morning or afternoon. You do not need to fast in advance, lab results will not be affected by the intake of food or medication.

You may request a copy of your lab results and it will be sent to you. No personal information will be shared or released.

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The Labs

  • Granada Hills

  • 10515 Balboa Blvd. #215
  • Granada Hills, CA 91344
  • Van Nuys

  • 16742 Stagg St. #120
  • Van Nuys, CA 91406